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Pavlov VR - Search & Destroy Game Mode (Mode for Tournament)

S & D  Game Mode Details

In Search and Destroy mode, you will require a bit more strategy. Each team will either plant or diffuse a bomb depending on if if you're the attacking or defending team. There will be 2 bombsites on a map that you can target to plant your bombs. If defending, make sure to locate these bombsites so you can know where to defend!


       - One player will spawn at the beginning of the game with the bomb strapped to their chest. They can equip it like a grenaden or drop it for another to pick up. If bomb carrier is killed, they bomb will drop and your teammate will have to pick it up and holster to their chest.

       - No Respawns so be strategic! Your body can take 3-4 shots before dieing, but a headshot is a 1-shot kill!

       - All players start with only $900 and a pistol. As you shoot and kill during gameplay, you will receive money to purchase new weapons and armor. These will stay with you until you die or the teams swap sides. (Use right touchpad to access "buy menu.")

       - To plant/diffuse bombs you will need to punch in the numbers that show up on the LCD display of the bomb. If planting, you will then put it into position on the wall. In the proper area, you will see the "ghost/silhouette" of where the bomb should be placed.

       - Walkie-Talkie is located on yourleft shoulder. Reach your hand to your right shoulder and use the controllers trigger button to use. You will hear a sound when it is activated.

       -You win when either the bomb explodes, gets diffused, or all members of a team are dead.

 Make sure you get in and practice to get comfortable with the game and game mode!